4 Benefits of Installing a GPS Tracker on Your Vehicle

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Having a vehicle is essential in places with long travel distances or without adequate public transportation. With a country as large as the United States, no wonder roughly 90% of American households have one! If something happens to your car, it could take several months to regain your independence and access to your community.

As such, you should invest in ways to protect your vehicle. A GPS tracker gives car owners peace of mind and more control over their property. Read on as our SafePoint team shares four surefire benefits of having a GPS tracker for your car.

Why a GPS Tracker for Your Car Is Worth It

GPS stands for Global Positioning System, found in many new gadgets from trackers to watches. We now frequently use a GPS on our smartphones or car dashboards for navigation instead of maps. GPS trackers do several things for cars with today’s technology.

Keep Track of Your Vehicle’s Location 

A GPS tracker made for vehicles allows you to monitor their locations from your phone or computer. Some options plug into the vehicle, while others are portable, which you can place nearly anywhere in or on your car. A plug-in may give you more overall features.

Whichever one you get, you and your trusted app users will know where your car is. For example, finding your car is as easy as checking your app if you go somewhere and forget where you parked. You can also watch over high-risk drivers in your family, like teenagers or elderly relatives.

Quicker Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Carjackers steal more than 700,000 vehicles in the U.S. per year. Unfortunately, you or someone in your family could become a grand theft auto victim. 

Since you can monitor your family’s car usage, you can also monitor anyone who might be using it. If someone steals your car, a GPS tracker improves your chances of still having its location. You can provide this information to law enforcement to possibly retrieve it and save yourself expensive rideshare and car replacement options.

Keep Track of Routine Maintenance

You may look for a car light or listen for weird noises to indicate that your vehicle needs care. However, a plug-in GPS tracker for cars can help you keep up-to-date on your routine maintenance. Many can:

  • Give service reminders
  • Alert you about pertinent car needs, like low gas or battery
  • Check for recalls on your vehicle
  • Help explain engine lights
  • Help you schedule a vehicle appointment

Monitoring and taking care of your vehicle’s needs will extend its lifespan and could save you from costly repairs.


GPS trackers also give you more overall protection while driving. If you or someone else gets in an accident, the tracker will help locate the car and get medical attention to the driver more quickly. You can use your app to call emergency services, especially in remote or unfamiliar areas.

Some drivers also give their loved ones access to the app in case they are out on a trip to new places. It becomes helpful if something happens to you or your phone and you lose contact. The GPS tracker can give insight into your vehicle’s last known location and track possible movement.

Your car insurance company also considers safety, from your driving habits to protective systems. A GPS tracker can help reduce your car insurance premiums, as they know you have a safety and monitoring measure for your vehicle.


Improve your car and your protection with a GPS tracker. New and improved technology continually opens up on the market, providing better options and making it easier to stay safe.

At SafePoint, we offer state-of-the-art GPS tracking with an easy-to-use phone application you can share with your loved ones. Our tracker provides real-time support, maintenance alerts, and other additional features.

For questions, visit our contact page or call us at (833) 723-3764!

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I couldn’t be happier with this product.

I couldn’t be happier with this product. I love the app and ll it’s features. I will be recommending to all my friends.

Karlie Alvarez

Great add on to my vehicle!

Great add on to my vehicle! The fact that they can assist the police in recovering your stolen car is amazing.

Leigh Landeche