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Secure Your Inventory and Rest Easy With SafePoint's Auto Dealer GPS Tracking System

Having key inventory management data at your fingertips significantly improves Inventory Control and Lot Management. Dealerships have the unique challenge of keeping tabs on potentially hundreds or thousands of vehicles throughout the day. If you struggle to monitor and maintain your cars, we have the perfect solution: SafePoint. 

SafePoint gives you one Dashboard with all the data you need to manage your inventory effectively.

With this robust GPS technology, your dealership can stay safe, secure, and functioning efficiently.  

Auto Dealer GPS Tracking System
Vehicle GPS Tracking Device
Secure Your Inventory and Rest Easy With SafePoint

Receive Alerts For Issues Only.

SafePoint gives you 100% visibility across your inventory and insights to dramatically improve lot management giving you the ultimate control of your dealership’s inventory. SafePoint offers a full suite of services to make the maximize your investment, including:

  • Around-the-clock security
  • Stolen vehicle recovery assistance
  • Real-time location data
  • Access to vehicle information
  • Smart Alerts
  • Real-time digital inventory audit
  • Vehicle health and performance analysis
Theft Protection for your dealership

Secure Your Inventory with State-of-the-Art GPS Tracking For Car Dealerships

Protecting your vehicles while parked is one of the primary reasons to get SafePoint. Our built-in theft protection service gives you peace of mind even after working hours when you’re at home or on vacation. We alert you when the system detects unauthorized motion and work 24/7 to recover your vehicle in the unfortunate event someone steals it.

Many car dealerships struggle to maintain proper security and prevent theft. If someone breaks into your lot and steals a car or doesn’t return it during a test drive, you can instantly locate the vehicle using our radio location system. This state-of-the-art tech can pinpoint the stolen inventory, whether it’s on the road or hiding in someone’s garage.

Lot Management & Inventory Control

One Dashboard with all the data you want and need to manage your inventory.

You can excel at managing your lot with real-time location tracking and performance reports. SafePoint can track a vehicle’s overall health and vital functions, notifying you when it’s time for maintenance or servicing. This can save you a lot of time and energy trying to keep tabs on every car at your dealership.

Real-time location services allow you to check a vehicle’s current location from the convenience of your phone. You don’t need to walk around the packed parking lot to find a car. You can also know when a vehicle leaves the premises for repairs, washing, or a test drive.

Vehicle Theft
Protection Fact.

In 2021, vehicle theft increased 11.8%, totalling just under 1 million cars stolen in the U. S., according to the FBI.

Vehicle GPS Tracking Device
Enhanced Customer Experiences

Customers have many concerns when buying a new or used  car at a dealership. They want to know the vehicle will run well for a long time, won’t need repairs anytime soon, and will meet their needs. With SafePoint, you can ensure the highest-quality customer experience.

Our GPS technology will regularly perform health scans on your vehicles and provide detailed, easy-to-understand insights. Such data guarantee your inventory will be in excellent condition before potential buyers arrive. Smart alerts help you monitor things like:

  • Battery levels
  • Fuel gauges
  • Maintenance and servicing
  • Engine light codes
  • Problem severity
  • Recalls
Enhanced Customer Retention & Loyalty

Buyers will have more confidence in their purchase

SafePoint not only enhances the customer experience but also improves customer loyalty. Prospective buyers will have more confidence in a purchase when they find out you use the best vehicle monitoring system on the market. They’ll be more apt to leave glowing reviews, recommend you to their friends, and return when it’s time to buy another vehicle.


SafePoint: The Best GPS-based Solution for Dealerships

As a dealership, keeping track of every vehicle on the lot can be a nightmare. Fortunately, SafePoint is here to help! Our powerful, well-rounded technology does all the heavy lifting for you, by protecting your inventory and keeping you informed, and connected.

SafePoint provides the protection, management, and monitoring services you need to maintain an efficient dealership. We can help you track vehicles in real time, prevent theft, and know when to do maintenance and repairs. Reach out to our team and download the SafePoint app to get started today!

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