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Increase Service Retention

Selling the car is only half the battle. The other half is finding ways to retain revenue from existing customers. That’s where CarRx steps in. The simplified, configurable system makes it easy for dealers to maintain a direct connection to their customer’s vehicle – and their service needs – for life. It’s common that once a customer leaves the lot, that’s the last time you see them. Keep your customers coming back to the dealership for services by sending routine maintenance alerts.

Elevate Customer Experience

Real-time location services allow you to check a vehicle’s current location from the convenience of your phone. You don’t need to walk around the packed parking lot to find a car. Our technology will also regularly perform health scans on your vehicles and provide detailed, easy-to-understand insights. Such data guarantee your inventory will be in excellent condition before potential buyers arrive.

Boost Your Bottom Line

Experience an increase in revenue by turning Safepoint and CarRx into an added profit center for your dealership. No more sending paper notices or cold calls. Engage with your customers in real-time by sending alerts directly to their smartphones the second a problem arises.

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Car Dealership Theft Protection

Protecting your dealership's vehicles from theft while parked .

Protecting your vehicles while parked is one of the primary reasons to get SafePoint. Our built-in theft protection service gives you peace of mind even after working hours when you’re at home or on vacation. We alert you when the system detects unauthorized motion and work 24/7 to recover your vehicle in the unfortunate event someone steals it.

Many car dealerships struggle to maintain proper security and prevent theft. If someone breaks into your lot and steals a car or doesn’t return it during a test drive, you can instantly locate the vehicle using our radio location system. This state-of-the-art tech can pinpoint the stolen inventory, whether it’s on the road or hiding in someone’s garage.

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