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In A Connected World...

You can locate your vehicle anytime, anywhere!

Keeping constant tabs on your vehicle’s activity and movements can be a hassle. With a SafePoint Connected Car,  you can stay on top of it and enjoy peace of mind. Our powerful technology provides many benefits to keep you safe.

SafePoint’s Smart Alerts provide you the insights and visibility you need to manage your ride with confidence. Our system keeps you in the driver’s seat when it comes to the following critical factors:

  • 24/7 security and vehicle location information
  • Simple, fast stolen vehicle recovery assistance
  • Vehicle health scans
  • Smart Alerts about routine service and maintenance
  • Insurance premium discounts

Safepoint allows you to set up Smart Alerts and notifications for the things that matter to you and your loved ones most – low battery, low fuel, vehicle outside of geofence, speeding alerts, movement alerts, and more. 

Stay Protected
Stay Informed
Stay Connected
Stolen Vehicle GPS Recovery
Vehicle GPS Tracking Device

Did You Know?

A Vehicle is stolen every 33 seconds. 56% of those are never seen again.

Don’t become another statistic, protect  your investment today with our GPS vehicle tracking & recovery devices and aid you local police with hour stolen vehicle recovery  program.

Robust, User-Friendly Features

Smarter Features Mean a Smarter Car.

Do you want to keep tabs on your car’s location, overall performance, and security? With smart alerts from SafePoint, you can do just that. We’ll notify you when something comes up via your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other preferred devices.  

SafePoint enables you to get alerts and notifications before the issue escalates. You can turn alerts on or off depending on your changing preferences and needs, so you receive only the  notifications you prefer. Smart alerts can keep you informed about things like:

  • Battery life
  • Fuel levels
  • Preset no-drive zones
  • Driver performance
  • Unauthorized movement
  • Regular maintenance and servicing
  • Stolen vehicle reports
GPS Tracker For Cars
Real-time Location Tracking

GPS Stolen Vehicle Recovery & Tracking

Real-time tracking enables you to know where your vehicle is at all times. If you’re worried about your teen driving alone at night, you can use our system to ensure they are safe. SafePoint also helps you monitor how much time your kids spend behind the wheel and their driver performance.

Our robust GPS location tracker has other practical applications. Find your vehicle instantly whether you are at the game, a crowded mall parking lot at the holidays, or just cannot remember where you parked. SafePoint can help you pinpoint your ride and not waste time wandering around.

Theft Protection
With theft protection from SafePoint, you can rest easy even when your car is miles away. Our team stays alert 24/7 if you need to report a stolen vehicle and get fast recovery assistance.

Preventing theft and break-ins while at home or on the road can lower your insurance rates and destination charge. Insurance prices go up if you live in a higher risk area for stolen vehicles and car jackings. Buying a vehicle with SafePoint decreases those chances and can also lower policy premiums with your insurance carrier.

Vehicle Theft
Protection Fact.

In 2021, vehicle theft increased 11.8%, totalling just under 1 million cars stolen in the U. S., according to the FBI.

Vehicle GPS Tracking Device
Automation on Auto-pilot

The Dynamic Duo: SafepointGPS + CarRx

SafePoint GPS™ and CarRx work together to deliver valuable vehicle health, location, and driver performance information to your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Seamlessly move between both apps to protect and secure your vehicle, schedule service and maintenance, get critical location, speeding, low-battery, and low fuel alerts.

CarRx Vehicle Health Scans

Control and manage the health of your vehicle

CarRx lets you control and manage the health of your vehicle. You control the  provides health scans to ensure your automobile runs at peak performance, among many other features. The regular scans generate complex data in easy-to-read reports to keep you informed.

Our user-friendly, robust features puts you in charge:

  • Vehicle health scans
  • Decodes check engine lights codes
  • Simple problem descriptions
  • Know the severity of an issue and consequences
  • Automated reminders when service or maintenance is due
  • Low battery status alerts
  • Recall information on your car
  • Schedule appointments with dealership right on the CarRx app


With CarRx health scans, you don’t have to check your car’s condition constantly. Our system will scan your vehicle multiple times per hour while it runs and suggests when to perform maintenance, repairs, and emergency services. This ensures you catch problems before it’s too late to fix them.

Safepoint Vehicle Maintenance App Tip.

Doing recommended service and maintenance on time lowers the cost of owning a vehicle because service and maintenance often does not become big repairs when performed on time. CarRx keeps you on schedule and on-time managing the health of your vehicle. 

Advanced GPS Technology To Keep Your Car Protected and Connected

With SafePoint, you can stay in the know by tracking your car’s health, location, and movement in real time. Our well-rounded system gives you peace of mind when your young driver gets behind the wheel or you park on the wrong side of town. Smart alerts will keep you informed, safe, and connected around the clock.

SafePoint can make your vehicle smarter, providing connectivity and protection. Whether you need to know where your car is, find ways to improve its performance, or keep it secure while parked, our advanced technology offers a solution

Advanced Connected Car Technology & Protection

SafePoint GPS™ & CarRx:

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Advanced Connected Car Technology & Protection With Safepoint's GPS Tracker For Cars, Trucks & All Automobiles

Vehicle Recovery System

Safepoint GPS Provides Fast and Simple Stolen Vehicle Recovery.


Be at ease and manage your car's health and fitness with our app.

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Get instant vehicle location, alerts and other data at your fingertips.

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Stay informed on driving habits and maintenance through our app.

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Be prepared with preventive Smart Maintenance Alerts.

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