Benefits of Using GPS Tracking for Predictive Maintenance

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Say goodbye to the days of searching through pages and pages of maintenance schedules for all of the vehicles on your lot. With SafePoint GPS, you can have all of your maintenance data at your finger tips, with just the click of a button.

Offering your clients an option to add on GPS tracking with predictive maintenance monitoring is a great way to enhance your service and bring repeat business to your service center. Here’s how it works, why customers love it, and why you should consider it. 

How Does GPS Tracking for Predictive Maintenance Work?

Whenever you sell any car, the manufacturer will usually have some recommendations about maintenance intervals. This could be things like oil changes, major services and other kinds of routine maintenance. 

While it’s unlikely that a new car will break if those intervals are missed, it does mean that there will be more wear and tear when your customer does have their vehicle serviced. 

There are also some requirements for routine maintenance to maintain a warranty or extended warranty on a new or used vehicle. So it’s in your customer’s best interest to stick to the schedule. 

However, many customers find that they are busy, and they forget to book their service or tune up when they should. Going over a few hundred miles might not matter, but if they miss the window completely, it could be a problem. 

GPS tracking for routine and preventative maintenance tracks how far a vehicle is driven and alerts the owner by email or text message when they need to book a maintenance service.

Why Do Customers Love This?

You might think that customers won’t want to be reminded that it’s time to get their vehicle checked. However, the opposite is usually true. 

Many people find that the demands of daily life cause them to forget essential things like dental checkups, car maintenance and more. The longer they leave these things unattended, the more problematic they may become. 

So many customers (especially the very busy ones) really appreciate having the option of getting automatic reminders when they need to pay your service center a visit!

Why Does It Make Sense for Car Dealerships?

When it comes to car dealerships, usually, it’s customer service and value-added that make all the difference. Whether someone chooses to buy their vehicle from you or another dealer is partly due to your sales team and partly due to the services you offer. 

Being able to offer your clients a predictive maintenance GPS tracking service, that will make their lives easier is a great way to offer another service that gives you an edge. That’s true for private customers and corporate buyers who need to keep track of a full lot. 

Not only does this allow you to upsell your customers on this very useful service, but if they choose to bring their vehicle to you for maintenance and tune-ups, you also get returning business for as long as they have their vehicle. 

Of course, a service like this is optional, but many new car buyers jump at the opportunity because everyone wants to preserve the resale value of their vehicle and ensure that while they have it, they get trouble-free use out of it.

Many car dealerships even offer a discount on maintenance and tune-ups for customers who do opt for GPS predictive maintenance tracking. They get a car that’s always in great shape, and you get more business for your service shop.

What Do We Do?

Safepoint GPS is a vehicle GPS tracking company that specializes in servicing all the GPS needs your dealership has. Whether it’s tracking your own vehicles, the vehicles you use as demo models or offering your customers valuable options like predictive maintenance GPS tracking, we can help. 

Contact our team to talk about the options we offer and find one that works for you. We’re always happy to talk to car dealerships who want to go above and beyond for their customers, and we’ll do the same for you. 

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Great add on to my vehicle! The fact that they can assist the police in recovering your stolen car is amazing.

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