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How GPS Tracking Technology Boosts ROI in Car Dealerships

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Car dealerships today are facing a tough market with a lot of competition. Using a GPS tracking device for car dealers can help with inventory management and theft protection while adding GPS navigation systems to your product offers will boost revenue.

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The Top Benefits of GPS Tracking Systems for Car Dealers

Industry experts say the U.S. automotive dealership market should expect significant growth over the next five years. An expansion of the automotive industry, new technologies, and a switch to electric and autonomous vehicles all have tremendous potential for auto dealerships.

At the same time, customers place increasingly higher importance on smooth, hassle-free vehicle purchases and service experiences. With these market trends in place, a smart auto dealer will harness GPS tracking technology to maximize ROI. Let’s take a closer look at four major benefits advanced GPS systems can bring your dealership.

1. An Attractive Product To Offer Customers

The vehicle accessories market enjoys steady growth, and GPS tracking devices answer customer demand for smart car equipment.

When customers contact your dealership, you already have an audience looking to buy or service their cars. This is a perfect opportunity to market GPS systems as another advanced product your dealership offers drivers.

You can emphasize vehicle safety and explain that a GPS tracker works to assist navigation, monitor vehicle health, and help with the recovery of stolen vehicles. Many insurance companies will reduce their premiums for cars with reliable GPS tracking technology.

2. An Increase in Future Profit Margins

Selling GPS tracking systems with vehicles will increase your profit margin not only when a customer first purchases a car but also later on.

Once your customer hits the road in their new car, you can set up an automated system of vehicle maintenance alerts based on the car’s mileage. The customer will get a helpful reminder when it’s time to service their vehicle, and there’s a good chance they’ll return to your dealership for maintenance. 

Furthermore, by building trust with a customer, you get the chance to become their go-to dealership whenever they need a new car in the future. If a customer was happy with their previous vehicle and you kept in touch via regular alerts and maintenance visits, they’re highly likely to contact your dealership again when looking for a new set of wheels.

3. Easier Auto Dealership Management

Advanced GPS tracking technology can help you increase profits on the individual customer level and streamline lot management.

With the right GPS tracking system, you can instantly view your key inventory data, making life much easier when you need to keep track of hundreds or even thousands of vehicles daily. You can view vehicle locations in real time, access crucial information, and easily analyze car health and performance.

Innovative GPS systems can tell you when a vehicle at your dealership needs maintenance and when a car leaves the lot for a test drive or servicing. This setup can dramatically reduce the time you and your staff spend walking around the lot inspecting vehicles. 

4. Theft Protection

Vehicle theft can cause devastating losses for car dealerships. With an advanced tracking system, you can get unauthorized motion alerts 24/7 and take action instantly if you suspect someone has broken into your lot after work hours.

If a criminal does manage to steal a vehicle from your dealership, a GPS tracker can help you locate the car to recover it. Remember to leave this matter to the police, as tracking the vehicle yourself could put you in danger.

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Safepoint GPS provides innovative commercial and personal tracking solutions for vehicles. Our GPS tracking technology makes cars safer, smarter, and easier for drivers and auto dealers to maintain. Contact us to learn more about the advantages of GPS for car dealerships and book a free demo today. 

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I couldn’t be happier with this product.

I couldn’t be happier with this product. I love the app and ll it’s features. I will be recommending to all my friends.

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Great add on to my vehicle!

Great add on to my vehicle! The fact that they can assist the police in recovering your stolen car is amazing.

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