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How GPS Technology Can Revolutionize Your Car Dealership

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GPS technology has the potential to revolutionize the way car dealerships manage their lots and inventory. By using GPS-based solutions, dealerships have the opportunity to eliminate common lot management issues such as misplaced stock, dead batteries, and incorrect vehicle data. 

These solutions can also help to improve the sales process for customers and employees as well as increasing customer satisfaction, boosting customer loyalty, and having a positive influence on CSI scores. In this white paper, we will explore the potential benefits of using GPS technology to optimize lot management and inventory processes.

Lot management issues

When managing a car lot, there are several common lot-related issues that can arise. These range from small but frustrating issues such as low fuel or dead batteries to bigger problems like lost or stolen vehicles. Such issues can create unnecessary delays, leading to customer dissatisfaction and in some cases, lost sales opportunity for the dealership.

Benefits of GPS-based solutions

GPS-based solutions have the potential to completely eliminate many lot-related issues, saving time and money for dealerships in the process. GPS systems provide both real-time tracking of vehicles on the lot and off-lot locations. This allows dealerships to keep track of vehicles at all times and quickly locate them when necessary. 

GPS systems can also monitor when vehicles enter or leave the lot, providing security and proof of ownership if necessary. 

Finally, GPS systems can also be used to monitor inventory levels and stock, streamlining processes like floor plan audits.

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I couldn’t be happier with this product.

I couldn’t be happier with this product. I love the app and ll it’s features. I will be recommending to all my friends.

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Great add on to my vehicle!

Great add on to my vehicle! The fact that they can assist the police in recovering your stolen car is amazing.

Leigh Landeche