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How To Prevent Keyless Car Theft

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Having a keyless car is really nice. The doors unlock when you’re near the car, saving you the trouble of digging for keys when your hands are full. You can also start the car as long as the key is nearby.

However, all of this convenience comes with some risks. Unfortunately, keyless cars are vulnerable to theft in a variety of ways, including using relay boxes, jamming fob signals, and using fake fobs. The good news is that you can take steps to protect your vehicle and prevent keyless car theft.

Here’s what you need to know.

Keep Your Keys With You at All Times

Just because you don’t have to get your keys out to unlock or start your keyless car doesn’t mean you should be lazy with where your keys are. Even if you’re just running inside of a convenience store for a quick minute, take the keys with you.

If your key is laying on the seat or cup holder of your car, it’s an open invitation to thieves to steal your vehicle.

When you have your keys in the house, keep them away from the front door and your vehicle. Relay technology allows one thief to stand near your key (for example, near your front door) and amplify a signal that another thief near your car receives and uses to steal the vehicle. The best way to avoid this is to not store your keys near the outside walls of your home and put them in a metal container that will block the transmission of the signal. 

Make Sure Your Car is Locked

Another technology that car thieves use is a device that jams the “lock” signal when you lock your car remotely. Your vehicle will normally make an alert noise when locked, such as a short honk. Ensure that you hear that sound before you leave your vehicle behind.

You can also double-check your doors to ensure they are locked. If you think you’ve locked your car and you really haven’t because the signal was jammed, your vehicle is at risk — and so are your personal belongings.

Use a Wheel Lock and Car Alarm

A steering wheel lock might feel decidedly low-tech as a way to protect your keyless car, but that’s precisely why they work. Today’s thieves are focused on fooling technology and getting away with your car easily. A wheel lock will surprise them and they are not likely to be equipped to remove it.

Another deterrent is a car alarm. While cars come with a basic alarm system, they don’t do much more than make noise. Given that most people today simply ignore the noise of a car alarm, that doesn’t help much. A secondary alarm system will likely connect with your cell phone and allow you to track the car, alert you of a possible break-in if you aren’t near the vehicle, and more. 

Park Defensively

How and where you park your car can have a significant impact on how likely your car is to be stolen. When you are at a mall or store, try to park close to the front doors. This isn’t just convenient, it also means your car is more likely to be on security cameras. There is a lot of foot traffic as well, meaning a thief is more likely to be spotted.

At home, try to park in your garage. Your car won’t be visible and inviting to thieves, and they will have to break into your garage to get to your vehicle. If you can’t do that, park as close to your property as you can. That way any criminal will have to risk attracting your attention or being on home security cameras to take your car.

It’s also important to hide valuables anytime you’re parking. If a thief can look into your car windows and see belongings they want to steal, that dramatically increases your chances of being a victim.

Install GPS Location Tracking

If your car is stolen, you want to get it back right away. The best way to do that is to know exactly where it is using GPS location tracking. 

Professionally installed GPS tracking systems are completely hidden from the view of criminals, so they won’t know that you are tracking their movements. If the car is taken, you’ll be able to file a police report and get the vehicle recovered quickly.

Protect Your Vehicle Today

High-tech vehicles offer a tremendous amount of convenience, but there are risks as thieves become equally tech-savvy. Fortunately, taking these steps can help you protect your vehicle and recover it quickly.

Safepoint GPS offers professional installation of GPS location tracking to help you recover your keyless car quickly if thieves do succeed in stealing it. This can give you additional peace of mind because you know you’ll get your vehicle back even if your other measures aren’t successful.

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