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Safepoint Vs LoJack

Average Monthly Cost After Trial Period
Dealer Controlled Pricing
Dealer Controlled Pricing
Dealer Features
Compatible with Most Make/Model
Lot Management
Customer Maintenance Reports
Know when customer vehicles require maintenance
Send Customer Campaigns
Direct contact with consumers Push Notifications
Sales Reporting/Dashboards
Consumer & Dealer Features
These features are available to your dealership before sale to manage and protect your lots and passed to drivers at sell-through.
Stolen Vehicle Recovery
Real-Time Location
Fuel Levels
Low Battery
OBD Data
Check Recalls
Maintenance Alerts
Routine service, Tires, Oil, and Battery replacements to help you stay up to date on all vehicle needs
On Demand Vehicle Health Diagnostic
Trip History
Speed Alerts
Power Disconnect Alerts
(Theft Prevention)
Consumer Features
Theft Benefit
No Monthly Service Fee
Schedule Service
Loyal to Dealer (Other apps send to the closest service bay, only Elo directs customers to the original dealer of purchase)
Vehicle Insurance

LoJack Comparison

Beyond our powerful technology and ability to drive revenue, our dealerships nominated us as leaders in the Service Retention and Vehicle Tracking categories for the Dealer’s Choice Awards highlighting:

• Our commitment to customer success and exceptional service
• The responsiveness and flexibility of our sales support team

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