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How Vehicle Tracking Systems Reduce Operating Costs

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If you’re thinking about implementing vehicle tracking systems at your dealership but aren’t sure if they’re a worthy investment, you’ve come to the right place. GPS technology provides a range of benefits beyond helping people navigate from point A to B. 

At SafePoint GPS, we provide a cutting-edge GPS tracking device for car dealers that allows you to maximize your lot’s efficiency for reduced downtime, high savings, and increased revenue streams. Read on to learn how a GPS tracker can reduce operating costs at your dealership. 

Streamlining Costs at Your Dealership With Vehicle Tracking Systems

You can use GPS technology for numerous things. Scientists can use tracking software to study animal feeding habits, surveyors can measure how buildings shift after disasters, archeologists can research shipwrecks, and geologists can discover how Mt. Everest continues growing. Continue reading to learn how business owners can use advanced GPS technology to save money. 

Lower Theft Risks

Vehicle theft creates numerous problems for your business. Vehicle theft not only creates a huge financial burden for your company or your customers but can result in employee downtime, increased insurance costs, lost equipment, a poor brand reputation, dampened customer relationships, and much more. Whether you lose inventory on your lot or one of your customers suffers theft, you want to quickly recover the vehicle. 

GPS tracking systems may not help prevent theft, but they can help recover vehicles if the worst-case scenario occurs. If a vehicle goes missing after you’ve installed a tracking system, you can work with authorities to locate its whereabouts and prevent all the issues discussed above. Offering theft recovery support to customers is a great advertising feature that can prove how much your dealership cares.  

Reduced Insurance Costs

Insurance companies celebrate efficient, safe, intelligent driving, which you can foster using GPS tracking systems. Most providers offer significant discounts on vehicles with tracking systems so the company can monitor safe-driving habits. After you install a GPS and sign up for the program, the associated vehicle can qualify for cheaper rates. 

As a dealership, you may be able to achieve significant savings on your company’s insurance premiums. You can also advertise vehicle tracking systems to potential customers, who will have the opportunity to save money on insurance after purchasing a vehicle. 

Optimized Maintenance Scheduling

Car GPS trackers provide advanced insights into a vehicle’s health and performance. Using the in-depth tracking features, you can see exactly when specific vehicles need maintenance, rather than spending valuable time and resources on unnecessary check-ups. The vehicle tracking system platform will show you metrics like oil life, tire tread, battery charge, wiper life, and more so you know when to tune up each vehicle for optimal performance. 

Optimized maintenance scheduling saves your dealership money because you’re no longer wasting resources on unnecessary inspections. You can also prevent the costs that add up when a vehicle becomes overdue for maintenance. 

Reduced Downtime 

Vehicle tracking systems can boost your team’s efficiency, allowing you to cut unnecessary downtime. For example, team members can immediately find where specific vehicles are in the lot without wasting time searching. GPS systems can also automatically store vehicle data in an accessible way to reduce manual paperwork needs. 

With GPS tracking systems, your team will spend more time working with customers and less time on spreadsheets or hunting through lots. Increased efficiency and reduced downtime mean higher savings for your business. 

Save Money by Implementing SafePoint GPS Today

Now that you know how tracking systems can save your dealership money, learn about the importance of GPS for car dealerships

When you’re ready to save money at your dealership using vehicle tracking systems, look no further than SafePoint GPS. Our advanced platform offers all of the features mentioned above and more. 

Call SafePoint GPS today at (833) 723-3764 or book a demo to see how our advanced technology can transform your dealership. 

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I couldn’t be happier with this product.

I couldn’t be happier with this product. I love the app and ll it’s features. I will be recommending to all my friends.

Karlie Alvarez

Great add on to my vehicle!

Great add on to my vehicle! The fact that they can assist the police in recovering your stolen car is amazing.

Leigh Landeche