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What Is A Stolen Vehicle Recovery Device?

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While law enforcement agencies are working hard to bring the number of stolen vehicles down, cases of lost vehicles continue to rise each year. Many of these cars are never recovered, and if found, they are wrecked and abandoned. 

To give you peace of mind if your car gets lost, you can install a stolen vehicle recovery device. This system will give you better chances of recovering your automobile in minutes. Read on to learn more about this auto tracking device. 

What is a Stolen Vehicle Device? 

A stolen vehicle recovery device is an anti-theft tool that allows you to track down your vehicle if it gets stolen. The device itself doesn’t actually prevent your car from being stolen. However, it can ensure that you have a better chance of recovering it safely when it gets into the wrong hands.

Thieves typically don’t know how to bypass the tracking system installed in the device. Neither would they want to be caught driving around in a stolen car having it. 

Why Car Dealerships Need a Stolen Vehicle Device

While running your car dealership business, you want to get the best out of your vehicles. But if any of your cars go missing, you lose a lot in terms of time and resources trying to get it back. You can avoid all this hustle and bustle with a stolen vehicle device. 

Here are more reasons why car dealerships need stolen vehicle devices.
Deters Thieves from Stealing Your Car

Over 721,885 vehicles were stolen in the US in 2019, according to a report by the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program. The chances of getting your car back once it’s been stolen are slim. 

In most cases, once thieves get away with your car, they dump it as quickly as possible and sell it for parts or destroy it. Keeping track of where your car is at all times will help deter any would-be thieves from stealing it. Obtain Important GPS Data

GPS tracker can help you keep tabs on your employees. Frequently, used cars get sold by many different people before they finally land with a customer. GPS trackers monitor everything on your behalf. If someone tampers with a car or steals it for parts, you will be able to see exactly how it happened. This provides you an edge in recovering lost property and eliminating money-losing inventory.Locate Missing Cars

You know what pain it is to be separated from your car when you’re in dire need. If you had previously installed an aftermarket stolen vehicle device in your car, the chances are that your location would already be recorded. 

However, if no tracking systems were involved, finding your missing car could cost you a fortune.Can Lower Your Insurance Rates

Most car dealership owners have high insurance rates because their vehicles are at higher risk of being stolen. Having a stolen vehicle device makes it almost impossible for thieves to steal your car. This, in turn, lowers the rates you pay for insurance. 

How a Stolen Vehicle Device Works

A stolen vehicle recovery device operates using GPS tracking, allowing you to pinpoint your car’s location at any time. These devices are installed in different parts of your car, such as underneath a seat or in an ashtray.

Generally, two main technologies are used in car tracking devices: passive and active. Passive GPS technology only helps you record, download, and analyze your car’s location data. On the other hand, active GPS technology gives you the real-time location of your vehicle. 

As auto theft is increasingly becoming more common and savvy, you need to find an effective solution to protecting your car. One of the many solutions available would be to install a stolen vehicle recovery device. This device will track your vehicle and help you recover it from thieves efficiently. 

At Safepoint GPS, we provide you with a real-time vehicle tracking solution that lets you locate your car faster and easier. We also have a team of dedicated specialists to help you in every process. Contact us today for more information about our devices.

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I couldn’t be happier with this product. I love the app and ll it’s features. I will be recommending to all my friends.

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Great add on to my vehicle!

Great add on to my vehicle! The fact that they can assist the police in recovering your stolen car is amazing.

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