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Five Common Lot Management Challenges and How To Overcome Them

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As a lot manager, you must be an expert problem-solver. You have an endless list of to-dos at any given moment, and that doesn’t even account for the unexpected challenges you encounter daily. Between an increase in costs, delayed supply chains, and shifting industry demands, you have a lot to keep up with.

Safepoint GPS is here to review common lot management challenges while offering solutions. Lot management is challenging, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. There is technology available, like Safepoint GPS, which uses GPS tracking for inventory to help you monitor and maintain your cars with ease. 

Common Lot Management Challenges and Solutions

The state of the economy has many industries struggling, and lot management is one of them. Unfortunately, there is no end in sight for increased lot expenses and similar issues. However, not all hope is lost. While you can’t control many of these lot management challenges, you can combat them. 

1. Increased Lot Management Costs

Lot management is expensive, and careful cost management is essential for the success of your lot. There are a lot of expenses to consider as a flot manager, including: 

  • Vehicle acquisition costs
  • Fuel prices
  • Maintenance costs
  • Operation costs
  • Theft

Monitoring your spending closely and strategizing ways to reduce expenses is part of being an effective lot manager. There is technology available that can help you track maintenance and operational costs. Closely studying your expenses helps you determine where you can cut costs. 

2. Shortages and Shutdowns

When COVID-19 was at its height in 2020-2021, its impact slowed supply chains across industries. These disruptions continue to impact supply today, causing shortages. A shortage specific to lot managers is the driver shortage. The number of delivery drivers continues to decline steadily, slowing operations further.

While you can’t control the supply chain, there are strategies you can use to ease the impact of this challenge. Retain your delivery drivers by ensuring you address any of their concerns. There are tools available to monitor drivers’ satisfaction. Playing an active role in your employees’ lives makes a difference. This will help compensate for the shortages that are out of your control.

3. Overusing Fuel

Many lot managers don’t realize how much fuel they’re using regularly. While this may not have been a significant issue a few years ago, fuel costs continue to increase. Spending unnecessary money on fuel adds up quickly.

Monitoring your fuel usage closely is possible with evolving technology. Another strategy is to enroll for a business fuel card. Some gas companies offer unique benefits for businesses that use their fuel cards, such as: 

  • Volume-based rebates
  • Scheduled payments
  • Online control
  • Security and fraud prevention

4. Delivery Delays

Delivery efficiency is essential to your lot’s reputation. People depend on the prompt delivery of lot vehicles. Not every crisis is in your control, but you can set yourself up for success with route optimization. Use Safepoint GPS to track your vehicles to monitor and improve efficiency with real-time data. 

Our GPS data can help you identify environment-related factors contributing to delivery system delays. 

5. Safety Hazards and Irregular Maintenance 

One of the biggest problems lot managers face is accidents. Improper maintenance, irresponsible driving, and paying no heed to driver safety issues are common reasons for accidents.

To avoid this affecting your lot, you can implement driving programs to train your drivers to be safer on the road. Keeping a strict maintenance schedule also reduces the likelihood of unexpected issues and safety risks. 

Avoid this problem with Safepoint GPS, which reports all the data you need to detect issues and find solutions. 

Play It Safe With Safepoint GPS

GPS tracking helps car dealers and lot managers improve inventory control and lot management. When you’re struggling with lot management challenges, we offer solutions. 

Our lot management solutions will transform the efficiency of your lot management. Contact (833) 723-3764 today to book a free demo.

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