What To Do When Your Car Is Broken Down

repairing a car

Anxiety and confusion may overcome you the next time your car is broken down on the side of the road. Whether you have a flat tire or experience an engine failure, these situations can be challenging to navigate without the proper resources.  Fortunately, the experts at Safepoint GPS offer a comprehensive guide on what to […]

4 Benefits of Installing a GPS Tracker on Your Vehicle

gps tracker for mercedes benz parked in a row

Having a vehicle is essential in places with long travel distances or without adequate public transportation. With a country as large as the United States, no wonder roughly 90% of American households have one! If something happens to your car, it could take several months to regain your independence and access to your community. As […]

The Importance of a Vehicle Maintenance Schedule

Vehicle Maintenance Schedule

For the money you spend on your vehicle, you want it to last as long as possible. Following a proper vehicle maintenance schedule is the best way to achieve this. Regular oil changes, engine inspections, and testing of internal components are essential for your vehicle’s health. Don’t fall into neglectful habits that cost you more […]

Benefits of Using GPS Tracking for Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Say goodbye to the days of searching through pages and pages of maintenance schedules for all of the vehicles on your lot. With SafePoint GPS, you can have all of your maintenance data at your finger tips, with just the click of a button. Offering your clients an option to add on GPS tracking with predictive […]

How Managing Dealership Inventory with GPS Tracking Helps Car Dealers

GPS Tracking

Chances are you use GPS tracking and geolocation more than you think. You’ve probably got some kind of tracking to find your phone or tablet. You might track your family with Google Location or some other application. You might even have GPS tracking on your own vehicles.  However, there’s a good chance if you’re reading this, you’ve […]

Top 5 GPS and Geofencing Benefits for Dealership Inventory

Having tools and software that can help streamline operations and increase efficiency is essential for any car dealer. Among the most valuable tools you should not miss in your dealership is GPS and geofencing software. GPS and geofencing technology have made it easier for many car dealerships to manage their inventory better, track their cars, […]

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Check Engine Light Is On

check engine light

The check engine light can be a very frustrating experience. If you’re like most people, you’ve probably wondered what the heck is wrong with your car. Thankfully, there are many common reasons why your check engine light might be on. And we’ve compiled them into this list of the top 5 for you to review. […]

What Is A Stolen Vehicle Recovery Device?

Stolen Vehicle Recovery Device

While law enforcement agencies are working hard to bring the number of stolen vehicles down, cases of lost vehicles continue to rise each year. Many of these cars are never recovered, and if found, they are wrecked and abandoned.  To give you peace of mind if your car gets lost, you can install a stolen […]

How To Prevent Keyless Car Theft

Keyless Car

Having a keyless car is really nice. The doors unlock when you’re near the car, saving you the trouble of digging for keys when your hands are full. You can also start the car as long as the key is nearby. However, all of this convenience comes with some risks. Unfortunately, keyless cars are vulnerable […]